Shelby is a party curating, good food obsessed, pasta loving gal. Constantly seeking the highest quality produce and food is her utmost importance for Sorella and her own life. She obsesses over detail and is a perfectionist with her craft. She is an avid gardener and loves nurturing and growing her own food when possible. Minimal, yet beautiful touches are what Shelby consistently follows.


Savannah has a passion for the ethical treatment of animals, sustainable produce, baking and providing excellent care to clients allows you to have a stress free experience. Savannah currently is a model, student, and baking perfectionist who have always admired her sister creatively. Watching Shelby throughout her life has not only allowed Savannah to explore her creative side, but also has assured her that when they come together to accomplish a goal they can do almost anything.

With a vision of bringing friends, family, and loved ones together, Sorella Collective was born.  At the core of our idea is the passion of gathering together and getting back to what really matters in life. Good food and meaningful conversation are the ingredients for a beautiful life. 

An idea that sprouted from two sisters who share the common belief that life is short so eat and be merry. Sorella translating to sister in Italian is exactly who we are, sisters that have been raised with the ideals of a communal experience. Being taught that giving back is the key to happiness, we provide quality foods that are not only good for the soul, but also to the community around us. We scavenge farmers markets, local businesses and small farms to give back to the roots in which we all stem from. We believe that every grape to every cheese block should be cared for and humanely raised.